Today, we met Stacey Purdy, MRI and CT Manager at Canada Diagnostic Centres. Stacey has been a Medical Radiation Technologist since 2003 and absolutely loves her job. 

"My job is so cool! I love working with MRI; the technology is truly amazing. I really enjoy meeting new people every day, and knowing that I am helping each patient find the answers to their health concerns."

Her enthusiasm and big smile really intrigued us and we wanted to find out more about her job and MRI. She also shared with us her enthusiasm about working with Alberta's Most Advanced Private MRI, starting this fall.

How many patients do you scan on average per day? What are the most common areas you scan?

"We scan anywhere from 10-20 patients per day. We scan every body part, but the most common areas are the lumbar spine, shoulder, knee and brain."

How do you feel about  working with the new 3T Signa Pioneer?

"I am so excited to start scanning on this brand new machine! GE’s new technology is jaw dropping and I cannot wait to work with it. It’s faster, reducing scan time and patient time in the machine. The bore is wider, making it more comfortable inside. And with a magnetic field strength of 3 Tesla, the image resolution will be outstanding. It’s going to be a great experience for our patients."

What would you tell patients who are feeling anxious before getting an MRI?

"Even though getting an MRI is a painless procedure, it is quite normal for patients, who have not had this done before, to feel nervous. 
Before every exam, 
I explain to the patient, that I am with them and watching them during the entire procedure. I also give them a bell to hold, so when they squeeze it, I am able to pause the exam and speak with them right away. 

Our dedicated team of technologists and I will always do everything we can to provide a positive and comfortable experience."

Canada Diagnostic Centres is very excited to bring this advanced MRI technology to Alberta, and continue to provide exceptional patient care to everyone.