Breast MRI is a leading-edge tool for breast cancer screening and diagnosis. Breast MRI offers the highest sensitivity rate of all current breast imaging techniques for the detection of invasive and intraductal cancers. It is often considered one of the best ways to detect the disease in the earliest, and more treatable phase.

Breast MRI may be used when results from a diagnostic mammogram and/or ultrasound are unclear. It may also be used to determine the extent of cancer in the breast tissue, or to assess types of breast cancer that are less easily detected by other breast imaging procedures.

At Canada Diagnostic Centres we offer Breast MRI exams in our newest and most advanced 3T MRI Suite.

This exam uses no radiation and is performed utilizing our state-of-the-art GE Signa 3T MRI machine located in our Calgary Chinook clinic.

For info on price and how to book call us at 403.212.5855